Nellie’s All-Natural Automatic Dishwasher Powder Review…

When you transition to eco-friendly & natural for your cleaning supplies the first perception you have to overcome is that things won’t get as clean without the help of chemicals. A lot of that is due to the advertising we see, the great packaging & scents marketed specifically to our wants & needs, & what will make our lives easier.

I myself was an easy target. I love scents, packaging, I believed the claims, I drank the Koolaid. “Seasonal scents, whiter brighter laundry, softer on your hands, conveniently packaged, Fat-free, Cuts through grease better than competitors brands” if they stated it, it probably ended up in my shopping cart. I was the ideal consumer, like a magpie to something shiny!

The fact is you don’t have to wash, wipe, spray & soak your home in chemicals to it get clean or fresh. The first place I started was the kitchen with our dishes.

As luck would have it (or doesn’t) we always live in areas with hard water, which is a proverbial pain in the butt when it comes to cleaning, & the buildup hard water causes. This is not only annoying for that foggy glassware you now own, but it can also be horrendously expensive for wear & tear on your appliances.

Confession: Doing dishes is one of/if not my least favorite cleaning task around the house. I figured once I got married I’d have someone to rock/paper/scissors over that task, or at least guilt into doing them for me. No such luck. Needless to say, the husband doing dishes doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, though I do hear “Don’t touch the dishes Baby, I’ve got them” when it’s down the final plate being rinsed off.
Even while examining my beautiful new babies blessed into this world I remember looking at their perfect little hands, counting their fingers & secretly thinking “Yup, there will be dishes, laundry & putting out the trash in your future”. Okay maybe not, but I tell my daughter that, along with assurances of who’s my favorite when they do those tasks without asking. You Parent whatever way you need to!
My daughter’s perfect fingers grew nicely, & she is able to do all the household tasks child labor laws don’t cover around the home. She is actually a big reason why we went natural. For her, it’s kinder on the environment, & sensitive skin, My husband thinks it’s better on his wallet, & for me, it’s kinder to our bodies, & well-being. So when I went natural with dishwashing I had no idea where to start.

I like washing dishes by hand for my cookware, & items that aren’t so “Dishwasher friendly”, but we are a dishwasher family – I may have gone natural, but I still like the ease, convenience & out of sight method of dishwashing in my dishwasher!
And before you judge me for using my beloved dishwasher, it is an energy star rated dishwasher!
*Insert link to appease the fears that a dishwasher uses more water & than handwashing dishes in the sink does*

When I went natural with the dishwasher I had no idea where to start. I saw the big brands with “PURE”, & pictures of images that conveyed they were “Natural enough”, or were naturally scented, I even found a brand of dish liquid that was New Zealand scented. Ummm, I’m from NZ, that is not what it smells like.
The options were there in all the forms I knew (Powder, Liquid, Pods), if you have a preference there will be a natural product that suits.

I will cover a number of different brands in reviews, but today’s brand is Nellie’s Automatic Dish Powder.


I’ve been using this product for just about 2.5 months now, & as stated earlier we live in a hard water area, so my review is based on effectiveness, & value for money.

This is an unscented all-natural powder. It comes in a super cute, retro tin, with a little scoop. It holds 2.2 lbs, & you’ll get about 80 washes (stated on the tin). And the average price is around $18. You can buy directly from Nellie’s website or Amazon (I like to use prime for the free shipping).
I have just finished my first tin, & we got 76 loads out of the first tin (keep in mind we have hard water, & I graciously heaped my scoop). That equates to less than .24 cents per load with paying $18 for it. Great value in my opinion.


As for effectiveness, I no longer have cloudy glasses, I haven’t had to rinse my dishes “just one more time”, & there is no perfumey smell that bothers anybody using something right after it has been through the dishwasher. Also, my dishwasher feels cleaner. I don’t have any chemicals or residue on the interior of my dishwasher.


Okay, this time I did that stumbled a little over some of the ingredients, but if you go to Nellie’s website they list the ingredients, & the part they play in making this dishwashing powder natural, & work.

I’d definitely give Nellie’s Dish Washer Powder a 10/10.

I will be back with more reviews soon, but for now be kind to the world around you, & the people in it, & feel free to follow me!