Quick Fix Angela’s Guide to Cleaning your glass top…

Many moons ago I was house hunting with my Mom.

I have this weird quirk of I can tell if I’ll be happy in a place with a feeling. Yes I know there is no scientific, or rational reasoning to this – but why challenge something that works right?

Anyway, there was one place that we walked through, I looked through the bedrooms, bathroom & yard, then stood in the living room & said: “This is it”. I made plans to sign the paperwork the next day, & we left.
Mom in a shocked state asked if I had even looked at the kitchen (she was concerned at my potential hastiness).
To be honest I had only glanced in the doorway of the kitchen/dining area to see what the view was like, & where the sun was.
As she aired her concerns on the drive back to her home, I said: “Oh there was one of those in there?” Mom (bless her), was launching into a full blown lecture on how important a kitchen is.
I smiled while driving (obviously amused by her concern), & asked if she knew if there was a microwave.
Next level lecture!
Poor Mom!

The fact is – I’m not an exceptional cook (I dabble), I couldn’t Bake my way out of a paper bag, & I have the title “Quick fix Angela” for a reason!

So since I’m not such a big fan of spending time making a mess in the kitchen, I really don’t want to spend that time, & more cleaning it.
If I’m in the kitchen I tidy as I go.
I don’t like clutter, & I LOVE clean surfaces…

At the moment the husband is away, so it’s just us girls at home, this made it somewhat more tolerable to leave the glass top on my oven to fester for a few days so I can show the steps I take to give my glass top a good cleaning. (It’s not that my husband is messy, it’s just if I give an inch, they’ll take a yard, & not even Marshall law could rope my heathens back in).

Please note: I know for some this may not be all that messy, but this method works for far messier I assure you.

So first off you need a messy glass top:

Now the glass top “sheriffs” in our house (brands don’t matter here).

Give your glass top a good wipe to remove anything on the surface that you can, then squirt whatever kind of design you want all over your glass top (points awarded for creativity here) using a dish liquid of your choice.

Now sprinkle baking soda over the top.

Gently drizzle Hydrogen Peroxide on top on that.

I use rubber gloves here to mix it into a paste on the glass top.

Then I go have a cup of coffee, & check my emails while it does its thing.
10 minutes later…

Get a clean damp sponge, & wipe off the excess (administer a little elbow grease into any stubborn marks using the scrubby side of your sponge, be careful not to be too scratchy).

Then I like to finish with a spray of cleaner.
(I used Mrs. Jones Soapbox Glass & Granite Spray). Again the brand is up to you.



Take a clean microfiber cloth & give it a wipe in a zig-zag pattern, softly buffing it clear.

Taa Daa…

Now you can eyeball anyone wanting to venture anywhere near your sparkly clean glass top!

Be kind to the world around you, & the people in it, & feel free to follow me for more reviews, & quick fix cleans from my home.



Mrs. Jones Soapbox Soft Cleaning Scrub Review..

I guess I wouldn’t really call myself a “Self-proclaimed clean freak” (though my family probably would). I just kind of stumbled into it as my kids grew past the destruction phase. When they were little I saw dishes in my sink as guests arrived & I didn’t feel so much as a pang of shame… You came to see my spawn & I, NOT my house I thought!

And then I found myself cleaning deeper, & being an expert in my cleaning products because it made me feel in control of my home – much the same as wearing matching bra & panties had when I was younger (BK: Before Kids). I feel like I’ve my act together, I feel productive, & I feel calm when my house is clean.

So this put me into the adventure of finding just the right products I liked.
About 6 months ago I went on the natural route… White vinegar, blue dawn, rubbing alcohol – you name it – I cleaned with it.
But you can’t minimize when you’re making all your own cleaning products from scratch. And to be honest, sometimes I felt a little like I was on my own version of Breaking Bad (granted with cleaning supplies NOT Meth).

So this blog is my new baby.
I’ll be using it to leave reviews of things I like, dislike, or what-have-you.

My first review is a product I’ve been using for about 3 months now.
It’s a soft paste like scrub with a sweet almond scent. (Almond smells don’t usually crank my engine, but this has a sweet smell that I now associate with clean). The consistency is sort of a mix of toothpaste & butter. It’s soft as the name suggests!

It comes in 2 sizes & 3 options.
16-ounce main packaging: $9.99 (perfect for a gift, or in an area it may get banged around a lot because the packaging is more sturdy).
16-ounce Refill: $5 (I use these most of the time – not as pretty, or firm but they look fine, & do the trick).
80-ounce Refill: Normally $25, but on sale for $22.50 currently. (This is the buy in bulk=save money option as it equates to $4.50 per refill.)

The thing I most love about this is there is no chemical smell, no burning of the skin from a reaction to anything, but it works beautifully.
I’ve used it to clean almost everything in my home from the glass cooktop to the BBQ grill, to entire Bathroom, & I even used it in the laundry on a small stain just to see how amazing it truly is…. And it is!



A big plus is I can pronounce & spell all of the ingredients without gaining a degree:

Ingredients: baking soda, distilled water, borax, castile soap, washing soda, citric acid, coarse salt, oxygen bleach, cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, vodka, essential oil blend (almond, coconut, and oregano).

I would definitely rate this product as 9/10.
I have been using one pottle for my entire upstairs (2 full bathrooms, laundry) & in 3 months I haven’t reached the bottom of a 16-ounce pot, so the value for $5 is exceptional.

It cleans through grease, & grime so it serves it’s cleaning purpose.

FullSizeRender (2)

And I don’t need to use gloves, worry about ventilation, or concern for skin reactions… I honestly can’t stand the smell of heavy cleaners now.

I have no affiliation with this company, it is just a product that I use in my home, however, I do have a code if you’d like to get 15% off your first order off the website, it’s:

It’s worth spending over $30 to get the low shipping of $6.99.
I will be back to review more of a few of my favorite things soon.