Hi, I’m Angela!

I’m a Mom to all girls, or as I’d say “Mum” (I’m from NZ), & I’m married to the absolute love of my life (He’s American). Now there’s nothing wrong with New Zealand men, I just fell head over heels (literally) for a beer drinking, funny guy who also happens to be in the military!

So I’m an army wife… I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing, or to give me a title – I’m just married into the army. That means I figure a lot of stuff out on my own, it see’s me making a new home every few years, & the words “Subject to change” are a way of life.

Our current adventure finds us living in Washington State, &¬†we’re part of the way through this being our home, & waiting for the next change!

About 6 months ago I decided to transition the cleaners & skin care products in our home to all natural products. I did a lot of research, tried making my own products (with some success, & some hilarious fails), I read what reviews I could & even worked out the value of the items compared to making things myself. Then 3 months ago we went pretty much full natural cleaning products in the house. I’m still learning, & discovering products, this blog will be to share my findings of what works, & what might not.

I hope you decide to follow this blog, & enjoy my reviews, & handy tips along the way!