Baa Baa Friendsheep have you any wool? A dryer ball review…

Have you ever noticed how much faith & trust we put into brands & the claims they make about their products?
Product marketing is a phenomenal thing, a lot of time, & effort is put into making you want & need that particular item. Afterall we all want whiter, brighter, cleaner, fresher, fluffier *insert anything here*.
We want it to appeal to our eyes by looking like it does what it claims, we want to appeal to our sense of smell by making us want our clothes, home, spouse, family, & pets to smell just like the bottle or box. We want it to be blue, or green, or pink because that makes us think it’s scientifically going to work. We want a reaction, we want to believe those little animations they used on the tv commercial is actually happening.
We drank the Koolaid, we believed the hype & we hand over billions of dollars while we put those products in our shopping carts.

Now that I’ve been using natural cleaning products, & learning what actually makes your cleaner “natural” & “eco-friendly” as opposed to just throwing the terms around & adding “Clear” or “Green” on the packaging. Those advertising gimmicks & lures all remind me of a peddler traveling from farm house to farm house, city to city trying to sell his magical cure out of the back of a horse drawn buggy, using a crafty sales pitch… “Step right up…. It’ll cure everything from leprosy to small pox, it tastes better than your standard chewing tobacco, you can give it to you kids as a vitamin, & it’ll even burn leeches off”

These days with an increased awareness of health, fitness  & even calorie counting we have become (somewhat) more concerned about what is in our food. Granted there are still those who naively buy into “DIET” or “FAT-FREE” labels, but there are those of us who became educated in what to look out for, what is okay in moderation, & what to avoid altogether. We don’t just trust that it’s vegetarian because it has the image of fresh veggies on the front, & we don’t just believe it’s gluten or lactose-free without carefully reviewing the ingredients list to avoid being THAT guy who ruined your loved one’s day!
So if we’re checking our food labels, why aren’t we checking the ingredients of products we use to wash the fabrics we put against our skin or clean the tools we use for food preparation & food delivery into our bodies?

It’s not in my personality to do things easy, so instead of just trusting the phrases Earth, Natural, or using the colors blue & green to make it look eco-friendly on their packaging, I stepped outside the standard cleaning aisle at the grocery store, & with my stellar googling abilities, many cups of coffee & purchasing so many natural/eco-friendly  cleaning products that only our favorite child will get to go to college. At least the other one will live in a clean chemical-free home until we ship her off to join the military…
We don’t actually have a favorite, but we feel it’s character building to let them think we do, & in turn they do the same in regards to who is the favorite parent… (It’s Dad in our house, I am under no delusions that a weakened bladder from pregnancy, & who picks out your Christmas gifts counts for anything).

The type of product I am reviewing today is one of the best, yet easiest places to make a change for the better in your home, not only on the wallet in your pocket, but also on the pants those pockets are in… I’m talking about Dryer Balls!
You’ve probably seen them already – they have plastic & natural fiber options, there is even countless youtube videos, & tutorials on how to make your own.
But for today I’m reviewing a particular brand that makes me smile, & is worth their weight in gold in my laundry…

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are not only good for your clothes, they’re great for saving money, good for the environment, are extremely cute, & give you that feel good feeling because you’re supporting something awesome, hold your Awwww’s at the severe cuteness of these as balls as I explain.

These super cute dryer balls are sustainable, & will use less time in the dryer to dry your laundry, using less power & energy.  It claims to reduce your dryer time by 25-40%, & it really does. Just pop 3-4 balls (depending on load size) in your dryer.
They recommend 4-6, but I have found smaller loads are more efficient than one big overwhelming load.
The balls not only absorb moisture, they also bounce between your load preventing pant legs, sheets etc getting tangled up & creating that wad of wet laundry that will never dry.

Retailing at $25.95 for 6 balls these are a great deal.
These balls last around 1000+ loads in the dryer, so with number crunching in comparison to dryer sheets:
$25.95 for a pack of 6 dryer balls, & you use around 3 balls per load. At 1000+ loads it will equate to around one cent per load of dried laundry, & also cuts the dryer time down by at least 25%.
It averages $5 for a pack of 80 dryer sheets. Using one sheet per load at 80 loads that will equate to 6 cents per load of dried laundry, which has no effect on dryer time.

These adorable dryer balls are made from 100% pure organic New Zealand wool, & hand crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal by a company creating ethical working conditions, fair pay, education & medical care for women in underprivileged communities, giving them & their families a better life.
So there’s your feel good for doing something great for someone else by buying these balls.
They are then sent to Friendsheep in California, & out to people’s homes! YAY!
I haven’t used dryer sheets in quite awhile (aside from an eco-friendly version to test the drying time against). I can, however, smell the heavy fragranced chemicals when my surrounding neighbors do their laundry. Yes, that sounds creepy & weird, but you do become more aware of chemicals once you no longer welcome them into your home (I’m not judging them, it just smells like an elderly aunt who marinated for 40 years in perfume, & now wants to give you a kiss).

If you want to check out more on this awesome company, & a far greater list of reasons why Friendsheep Dryer Balls are worth having in your home click on the link below:

Also, an extra few things I have discovered with these:
They are lint free, & an even cooler bonus is how they deal with pet hair.
One of our close friends has the world best dog, with the worlds worst shedding problem.
It’s so bad that his entire world is blanketed in enough dog hair to create an entire extra Kona (that’s his name). We love that dog as much as is humanly possible to love anything, but the hair, not-so-much.
These dryer balls actually pull the Kona hair away from our clothes & send it to the lint trap.

This also works on long human hairs… With 2 heads of long hair in our home, my poor husband is used to stray hairs wadded on his undershirts & socks. This is now a problem of the past. Thanks, wool dryer balls!
I have read a few peoples questions about static…
Static is caused by heat & is an issue with some fabrics more than others. If you find this a problem, I suggest misting your dryer balls before use with water, & don’t leave the dryer running longer than needed.

Lastly, you can add a few drops of essential oils to your dryer balls if you really need to scent to your freshly dried laundry.
I have a few scented balls that I throw in after the dryer has done its thing. Then I just put it on an air fluff cycle for 10 minutes or so to add an extra lavendery scent to my clean laundry (that is a whole other review for a later time though).

I give the Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls an 8.5/10 for quality, value & cuteness (okay, the Awwww factor had no bearing on the final score, but they are so cute that I feel that should be acknowledged).

Besides just checking out the company, have a look at this video about the making of the dryer balls.

If you decide to check out the website, use the code TMH20JA17 & you’ll get 20% off your order. (Limit 1 per customer, end date August 31/17.)

And on that note, I am about to put yet another natural product to the test for a future review, but for now as always, be kind to the world around you & the other people in it.






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