Caldrea Stain Remover Review…

I’ve been doing this adult thing for awhile now.
I’ve loved, lost, gained an education, got married, lived overseas, had children, I drive a car, we have a mortgage, we pay taxes.
I even own real plants that are still alive… Now that’s as adult as it gets in my opinion!
But one thing that doesn’t change much from being a small child to an adult is that you will encounter stains! Granted the cause of the stains themselves changed mildly, (although many are still the same).

When I was little I don’t recall ever spilling wine on myself, smearing lipstick on my shirt, or dribbling coffee down my front. I could confirm this with my parents, but I know my love affair with caffeine, wine & makeup happened more into my adulting years! Grease, dirt, spaghetti sauce & any food that requires a steady hand are always a risky maneuver whatever age. However, as an adult, I often wonder if a bib may still be in order.

With switching to natural cleaning products you find yourself unable to reach for bleach, or the well-known stain removing products loaded with heavy chemicals like Chlorine & Formaldehyde, so I decided to embark on a wee stain fighting mission, & review them.

My first stain fighting product is one that sits quite proudly in a basket above my washing machine. Between myself, my husband & a teenager this has won a place in my laundry arsenal.

Introducing Caldrea Stain Remover in Sweet Pea.

I took a white cleaning cloth & smeared it with some day to day causes of stains.
My stain palette consists of makeup (foundation), eyeliner, lippy, ketchup, jelly, coffee & red wine.
FullSizeRender (3)

I let the stains soak in for a couple of hours, then I applied Caldrea Stain Remover & gently work it in a little with my finger, & let it sit overnight.

The next morning I gave it another rub in with my finger, & I threw it in the wash.
Yes, I know my reckless laundry washing is a little on the daring side. What if the stain causing materials transferred to my other items? Don’t worry – I am an untrained professional! Plus I didn’t really think about it, it was early on a Sunday morning, & I hadn’t had a coffee!

The results:
You can see what would probably be the telltale signs of a night out with the girls’ – the faint reminder of an eyeliner smiley face, & some red wine shadowing.
I strongly believe one more treatment, & sometime in the sun & I think they’d be gone too.

This is only available in sweet pea, it’s a floral scent that Caldrea created using gentle, yet powerful, plant-derived surfactants, & essential oils of Geranium, Orange, Jasmine, Coriander, Rose, & Bergamot. It was formulated especially for the nursery.

Quick cool fact about the brand Caldrea (It’s the big sister of the Mrs. Meyers brand), but more on that another time.

This comes in a cute 16 fl oz plastic bottle that retails for around $10USD.
I give this a definite 8/10. It’s a great value, I’m still on the same bottle I opened 2 months ago (I would say I’ve used it about 12 times, & I have 3/4 of the bottle still.
It smells nice, & it does what it’s supposed to!

The ingredients are explained on the Caldrea website (linked below).
It does warn that it can be an irritant on the bottle. We’re a somewhat sensitive bunch in our family when it comes to scents, & skin, & so far we’ve had no reactions, but it always pays to know what you’re putting near your skin, or where it can be inhaled. I myself use natural washing sodas after treating stains, so there is no sweet pea scent lingering after it’s dried.

My family & I will continue to slop food & coffee on ourselves in the dedicated pursuit of finding what natural stain removing, & laundry products are on the market, what works, & what doesn’t.

I will be back with more reviews, but for now have a happy & safe 4th of July, be kind to the world around you, & the people in it, & feel free to follow me!




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