Mrs. Jones Soapbox Soft Cleaning Scrub Review..

I guess I wouldn’t really call myself a “Self-proclaimed clean freak” (though my family probably would). I just kind of stumbled into it as my kids grew past the destruction phase. When they were little I saw dishes in my sink as guests arrived & I didn’t feel so much as a pang of shame… You came to see my spawn & I, NOT my house I thought!

And then I found myself cleaning deeper, & being an expert in my cleaning products because it made me feel in control of my home – much the same as wearing matching bra & panties had when I was younger (BK: Before Kids). I feel like I’ve my act together, I feel productive, & I feel calm when my house is clean.

So this put me into the adventure of finding just the right products I liked.
About 6 months ago I went on the natural route… White vinegar, blue dawn, rubbing alcohol – you name it – I cleaned with it.
But you can’t minimize when you’re making all your own cleaning products from scratch. And to be honest, sometimes I felt a little like I was on my own version of Breaking Bad (granted with cleaning supplies NOT Meth).

So this blog is my new baby.
I’ll be using it to leave reviews of things I like, dislike, or what-have-you.

My first review is a product I’ve been using for about 3 months now.
It’s a soft paste like scrub with a sweet almond scent. (Almond smells don’t usually crank my engine, but this has a sweet smell that I now associate with clean). The consistency is sort of a mix of toothpaste & butter. It’s soft as the name suggests!

It comes in 2 sizes & 3 options.
16-ounce main packaging: $9.99 (perfect for a gift, or in an area it may get banged around a lot because the packaging is more sturdy).
16-ounce Refill: $5 (I use these most of the time – not as pretty, or firm but they look fine, & do the trick).
80-ounce Refill: Normally $25, but on sale for $22.50 currently. (This is the buy in bulk=save money option as it equates to $4.50 per refill.)

The thing I most love about this is there is no chemical smell, no burning of the skin from a reaction to anything, but it works beautifully.
I’ve used it to clean almost everything in my home from the glass cooktop to the BBQ grill, to entire Bathroom, & I even used it in the laundry on a small stain just to see how amazing it truly is…. And it is!



A big plus is I can pronounce & spell all of the ingredients without gaining a degree:

Ingredients: baking soda, distilled water, borax, castile soap, washing soda, citric acid, coarse salt, oxygen bleach, cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, vodka, essential oil blend (almond, coconut, and oregano).

I would definitely rate this product as 9/10.
I have been using one pottle for my entire upstairs (2 full bathrooms, laundry) & in 3 months I haven’t reached the bottom of a 16-ounce pot, so the value for $5 is exceptional.

It cleans through grease, & grime so it serves it’s cleaning purpose.

FullSizeRender (2)

And I don’t need to use gloves, worry about ventilation, or concern for skin reactions… I honestly can’t stand the smell of heavy cleaners now.

I have no affiliation with this company, it is just a product that I use in my home, however, I do have a code if you’d like to get 15% off your first order off the website, it’s:

It’s worth spending over $30 to get the low shipping of $6.99.
I will be back to review more of a few of my favorite things soon.



The Minimalistic Hoarder’s guide to a cleaner greener BBQ Grill…

Whether you’re throwing shrimps on the barbie, searing steaks, or making burnt offerings to the BBQ gods you will always end up with some kind of mess associated to your BBQ Grill.

My husband & I love to grill.
Armed with a cold beer in one hand & a “flippy-deal” (this is the technical term for any cooking utensil in use whilst BBQ’ing in our home), & whatever masterpiece is fragrantly taunting our neighbors, we BBQ in any season, on any given day.

Granted, my husband also thinks if he’s grilling he is making my life much easier. And I, in turn, have the night off cooking.
Although he is partially right on “cooking”, I am still making sides, preparing whatever we may be grilling, then there’s the cleaning up, & I will eventually be doing dishes. However in his defense, he only comes back into the house when he needs another cold beer, or to let me marvel at my mighty Adonis who now has his shirt off & thinks I would appreciate the stunning image it creates. So he doesn’t really bare witness to other jobs having a BBQ creates.
Plus, there has been many an occasion where work has called before the beer has passed the lips & he is off to play army, & I will just see a chopper in the distance as I take the reins.
It’s the army wife life I have just accepted.

I know some people don’t like to clean their grills, & I’m not judging (okay well maybe just a little judging), they scrape it down with a cleaning brush, amp up the heat, burn off any grease & feel comfortable with that.

Aside from the obvious health & safety reasons, I clean our grill for several personal reasons:
* We have a vegetarian. We accept her anyway.
She doesn’t padlock herself to the grill, or stage sit-ins, hunger strikes, or even judge us for our enjoyment of meaty things on the grill. And in turn, we create delicious vegetarian-friendly dishes for her, & we make sure her tofu-dog or artichoke steak doesn’t make contact with our meaty options, plus we use separate flippy deal.
* We had a minor grease fire on an old grill while I was supervising burgers (& it scared the almighty bejesus out of me).
* And lastly, but just as important as the past two reasons: I am a clean freak, so if I can see it, I’ll probably want to clean it.
My name is Angela & I am disgusting!

I use very few tools for cleaning our BBQ alter, & it really doesn’t take too long either if you do it regularly.

I do my grill cleaning in the morning while it’s cool enough.
I dismantle the grill plates, & mist Grab Green degreaser over the inside of the grill itself.
LET IT SIT. (any cleaner takes a few moments to do its thing, so exercise a little patience. Trust me, it’s worth it).

With an old T-shirt (or whatever your preference) give it a wipe.
I like to repeat this step, giving just a few minutes longer on the spray & walk away this time.
I spray the grill plates at this point, & then head back to give my grill a good wipe down.

With a bowl of hot water, & a quick squirt of “any” natural dish liquid you have (I honestly use whatever I am using at that time for a future review), & I return to the grill with a gentle scourer/sponge & give it all a final wipe.

I like using these particular sponges, they’re Eco-friendly, they hold up to a number of BBQ grill cleans, they’re not super abrasive, & they aren’t white or brown like my usual kitchen sponges, so they have a sole purpose of our grill.

Next, I use the same sponge to scrub over my grill plates & work in the degreaser a little.
With some dish liquid & hot water, I wash the grill plates & dry them well.

I also use a grill scraper for anything that just doesn’t come off the grill easily.

Then, when the plates & inside of the grill are clean & reassembled, I clean the shelf using the same technique. And then move onto the grease tray underneath, again using the same method.

I like to use an all-purpose cleaner for the outside of the BBQ Grill.

And the Degreaser again for the front control panel.

I also clean our grill cleaning tools. If you take care of them they last longer… (And there’s less chance of a clean freak judging you).

I fill a bowl or the bottom of my sink with some hot water & drop in a Grab Green Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pod (I love these things, you can check out their own review below).
Grab Green’s Magical Pods…

Once everything is clean, & back on the grill, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
This is where I text a photo to my husband & he asks why do we keep buying new grills.

Have a great summer everyone. Stay safe, be kind to the world around, & the people in it.
If you want to check out the items I used in this “how-to-guide” click on the links below.
And if you’re interested in more of my reviews, & “how to’s” then become an adoring fan on here, &/or twitter!


click the link below to get 50% off your first order when you sign up to the Grab Green community.


(I pick these up at a local grocery store for about $1.79).

Baa Baa Friendsheep have you any wool? A dryer ball review…

Have you ever noticed how much faith & trust we put into brands & the claims they make about their products?
Product marketing is a phenomenal thing, a lot of time, & effort is put into making you want & need that particular item. Afterall we all want whiter, brighter, cleaner, fresher, fluffier *insert anything here*.
We want it to appeal to our eyes by looking like it does what it claims, we want to appeal to our sense of smell by making us want our clothes, home, spouse, family, & pets to smell just like the bottle or box. We want it to be blue, or green, or pink because that makes us think it’s scientifically going to work. We want a reaction, we want to believe those little animations they used on the tv commercial is actually happening.
We drank the Koolaid, we believed the hype & we hand over billions of dollars while we put those products in our shopping carts.

Now that I’ve been using natural cleaning products, & learning what actually makes your cleaner “natural” & “eco-friendly” as opposed to just throwing the terms around & adding “Clear” or “Green” on the packaging. Those advertising gimmicks & lures all remind me of a peddler traveling from farm house to farm house, city to city trying to sell his magical cure out of the back of a horse drawn buggy, using a crafty sales pitch… “Step right up…. It’ll cure everything from leprosy to small pox, it tastes better than your standard chewing tobacco, you can give it to you kids as a vitamin, & it’ll even burn leeches off”

These days with an increased awareness of health, fitness  & even calorie counting we have become (somewhat) more concerned about what is in our food. Granted there are still those who naively buy into “DIET” or “FAT-FREE” labels, but there are those of us who became educated in what to look out for, what is okay in moderation, & what to avoid altogether. We don’t just trust that it’s vegetarian because it has the image of fresh veggies on the front, & we don’t just believe it’s gluten or lactose-free without carefully reviewing the ingredients list to avoid being THAT guy who ruined your loved one’s day!
So if we’re checking our food labels, why aren’t we checking the ingredients of products we use to wash the fabrics we put against our skin or clean the tools we use for food preparation & food delivery into our bodies?

It’s not in my personality to do things easy, so instead of just trusting the phrases Earth, Natural, or using the colors blue & green to make it look eco-friendly on their packaging, I stepped outside the standard cleaning aisle at the grocery store, & with my stellar googling abilities, many cups of coffee & purchasing so many natural/eco-friendly  cleaning products that only our favorite child will get to go to college. At least the other one will live in a clean chemical-free home until we ship her off to join the military…
We don’t actually have a favorite, but we feel it’s character building to let them think we do, & in turn they do the same in regards to who is the favorite parent… (It’s Dad in our house, I am under no delusions that a weakened bladder from pregnancy, & who picks out your Christmas gifts counts for anything).

The type of product I am reviewing today is one of the best, yet easiest places to make a change for the better in your home, not only on the wallet in your pocket, but also on the pants those pockets are in… I’m talking about Dryer Balls!
You’ve probably seen them already – they have plastic & natural fiber options, there is even countless youtube videos, & tutorials on how to make your own.
But for today I’m reviewing a particular brand that makes me smile, & is worth their weight in gold in my laundry…

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are not only good for your clothes, they’re great for saving money, good for the environment, are extremely cute, & give you that feel good feeling because you’re supporting something awesome, hold your Awwww’s at the severe cuteness of these as balls as I explain.

These super cute dryer balls are sustainable, & will use less time in the dryer to dry your laundry, using less power & energy.  It claims to reduce your dryer time by 25-40%, & it really does. Just pop 3-4 balls (depending on load size) in your dryer.
They recommend 4-6, but I have found smaller loads are more efficient than one big overwhelming load.
The balls not only absorb moisture, they also bounce between your load preventing pant legs, sheets etc getting tangled up & creating that wad of wet laundry that will never dry.

Retailing at $25.95 for 6 balls these are a great deal.
These balls last around 1000+ loads in the dryer, so with number crunching in comparison to dryer sheets:
$25.95 for a pack of 6 dryer balls, & you use around 3 balls per load. At 1000+ loads it will equate to around one cent per load of dried laundry, & also cuts the dryer time down by at least 25%.
It averages $5 for a pack of 80 dryer sheets. Using one sheet per load at 80 loads that will equate to 6 cents per load of dried laundry, which has no effect on dryer time.

These adorable dryer balls are made from 100% pure organic New Zealand wool, & hand crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal by a company creating ethical working conditions, fair pay, education & medical care for women in underprivileged communities, giving them & their families a better life.
So there’s your feel good for doing something great for someone else by buying these balls.
They are then sent to Friendsheep in California, & out to people’s homes! YAY!
I haven’t used dryer sheets in quite awhile (aside from an eco-friendly version to test the drying time against). I can, however, smell the heavy fragranced chemicals when my surrounding neighbors do their laundry. Yes, that sounds creepy & weird, but you do become more aware of chemicals once you no longer welcome them into your home (I’m not judging them, it just smells like an elderly aunt who marinated for 40 years in perfume, & now wants to give you a kiss).

If you want to check out more on this awesome company, & a far greater list of reasons why Friendsheep Dryer Balls are worth having in your home click on the link below:

Also, an extra few things I have discovered with these:
They are lint free, & an even cooler bonus is how they deal with pet hair.
One of our close friends has the world best dog, with the worlds worst shedding problem.
It’s so bad that his entire world is blanketed in enough dog hair to create an entire extra Kona (that’s his name). We love that dog as much as is humanly possible to love anything, but the hair, not-so-much.
These dryer balls actually pull the Kona hair away from our clothes & send it to the lint trap.

This also works on long human hairs… With 2 heads of long hair in our home, my poor husband is used to stray hairs wadded on his undershirts & socks. This is now a problem of the past. Thanks, wool dryer balls!
I have read a few peoples questions about static…
Static is caused by heat & is an issue with some fabrics more than others. If you find this a problem, I suggest misting your dryer balls before use with water, & don’t leave the dryer running longer than needed.

Lastly, you can add a few drops of essential oils to your dryer balls if you really need to scent to your freshly dried laundry.
I have a few scented balls that I throw in after the dryer has done its thing. Then I just put it on an air fluff cycle for 10 minutes or so to add an extra lavendery scent to my clean laundry (that is a whole other review for a later time though).

I give the Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls an 8.5/10 for quality, value & cuteness (okay, the Awwww factor had no bearing on the final score, but they are so cute that I feel that should be acknowledged).

Besides just checking out the company, have a look at this video about the making of the dryer balls.

If you decide to check out the website, use the code TMH20JA17 & you’ll get 20% off your order. (Limit 1 per customer, end date August 31/17.)

And on that note, I am about to put yet another natural product to the test for a future review, but for now as always, be kind to the world around you & the other people in it.






Putting on your big girl pants with Grab Green 3in1… A Review!

They say that Patience is a virtue…
I’d say it’s more aptly a side effect of being an adult, like knowing you can’t live on just candy & breakfast cereal (even though as a seven-year-old you probably vowed it).
As an adult (Okay as a “competent adult”) you can’t just drop to the ground, turning all your bones to an unidentified form of heavy jelly that another human being has to struggle to pick up, You also can’t hold your breath because things don’t go your way, & You most certainly cannot throw an almighty tantrum in public, & still expect to be taken seriously.
The fact is sometimes you have to tell yourself “Suck it up Buttercup” because you’ve got to make it through the day!
We all have day’s where you just don’t have the energy or want to ‘Adult’, & that’s okay. It can be hard at times. Being a spouse isn’t always sunshine & lollipops, & being a parent isn’t always easy, or as ‘easy’ as other people may make it look (Little-known fact: Those people who make it look easy, are struggling too).

Having little things that make your day easier, or give you a moment to take a deep breath & just feel a happy spark inside can make the difference between quitting the adult world, making a fort out of bedsheets & not letting your spouse or children in (mostly because of the “No Cooties” rule, but also because in that moment we love them, but we may not particularly like them) & accepting that we don’t have to be perfect at this Adult thing, & acknowledging that YOU’RE OKAY JUST AS YOU ARE!!!

When my kids were younger my escape was my linen cupboard.
It was my Narnia, I opened the cupboard door & everything inside was how I wanted life to be… Organized!
I had learned the trick from my Mom to slip unwrapped cakes of soap amongst the linen so that it smelled clean & that was my choice of drug.
I found it comforting.
If I was having a particularly stressful day of trips to the emergency ward because someone decided to jump off the sofa & face plant into the coffee table, another one proudly shown me she had written her name for the very first time (only it was on wall in sharpie), & the freezer had at some point stopped working & now the dinner menu consisted of partially melted ice cream, thawed fish sticks, pizzas, & a Tupperware container of some unlabeled leftovers that you asked your spouse to label weeks before while you were busy refereeing a sibling brawl in front of the television.
My escape was when I carried a sacrificial offering of my folded laundry (which had probably sat in the dryer, or on the sofa for far longer than I cared to admit), & I added it to my Linen cupboard.
Fluffy towels folded perfectly, & stacked to look like they do in an upmarket store. I’d stand in the doorway & take a long deep breath… It was organized, clean, sheer perfection compared to the chaos in the rest of my home.
Of course, my beloved family thought I was nuts, but that was okay, it’s my piece of comfort.

Life’s stresses have changed for me now.
My husband knows where his socks are so I won’t have to yell from the shower that they’re in the same place they always are.
My children no longer launch themselves off furniture or draw on the walls.
I can even use the bathroom in absolute privacy.
And if our freezer stops working, then we’ll just have friends over & dine on whatever the heck there is, & worry about restocking the freezer the following day.

This is the bonus side to being a military family. We’ve got each other’s backs. I have no qualms that if that happened, our friends coming to dine with us on a feast made of whatever defrosted in the great freezer breakage of 2017, would help in any way needed. And we’d do the same for them!

Now it’s not to say life doesn’t have stress anymore, it’s just that these days the things that worry me, or keep me awake at nights are different. Being an army wife, & a mother to young adults carries a whole different set of concerns.

So parenthood & marriage have well & truly been infected by a good dose of patience. I’m more accepting of what I can’t change, & I don’t let the little things bother me as much.
I save the fort making for the overwhelming bigger things that bring sadness & worry.
And I have good chocolate biscuits, a bottle of wine on hand, & there’s enough room in that fort for my husband, kids & close friends!

Plus I still have my linen cupboard Narnia, it’s just now that’s changed too.
Instead of the commercialized “Clean linen” smell that offered me comfort & a boatload of carcinogenic chemicals. It really is all clean “chemical free” linen these days, not just made to smell like it.
When I take a deep breath of it I’m not inhaling any nasty chemicals with more than six syllables, & the need for a degree from NASA to pronounce the ingredients. It’s nice to know that’s one less thing I need to worry about…

For the most part, we don’t use scented laundry products so when we do, we really notice….
I’ve been using the object of today’s review on all the bedding, towels, & clothes for my teenage daughter. I want to note Grab Green does not test on animals, but I apparently test on my family!

Grab Green’s 3in1 Laundry Detergent Pods!
FullSizeRender (6)
And just like our teenage daughter – great things come in a small package here!

The three in the 3in1:
* Detergent
* Stain remover
* Brightener

It achieves all three!
* It cleans well in all temperatures. We only do cold washes for our laundry, & we have hard water – so our expectations are pretty high. CHECK!
* Our daughter’s indulgence to fight stress is a bath using natural bath bombs that turn her water the colors that would prevent most people from entering. Think opaque black, purples, greens, red, add plants leaves, glitter & you get the idea. This on white fluffy towels can be a little messy. Stain removing – CHECK!
* As for brightening – her bed sheets, white comforter & colored clothing are all brightly the colors they should be. CHECK!

The scent currently in use is Lavender with Vanilla.
This was a hard sell. My daughter loves Lavender but despises most vanilla scents (due to the overuse of fake vanilla smells in so many overly scented products).
Keep in mind that the pods are concentrated laundry detergent, so in the package, they smell pretty strong.

I use 1-2 pods (depending on the size of the load).
The pods break down fairly quick, & by the end of the cycle, there is just a mild lavender scent with just a hint of vanilla to it. Then by the time, it’s been through the dryer there is just a warm inviting scent remaining.
I always test laundry pods before I use them in my washing machine.
I fill a bowl with cold water, drop in a pod & give it a stir with a spoon.
If it doesn’t break down easily, then I probably won’t use it.
The grab green pod broke down in less than a minute, & didn’t actually require too much agitation to get it to mix with the water.

Grab Green lists their ingredients on the back with a vow of True Transparency, so they list what is in it, & why.
You can also head to their website for a deeper explanation.

It comes in 3 different fragrances, & a fragrance free version.
It also comes in 3 different size packs:
24 pods for $8 (.33 cents per 1 pod load)
60 pods for $18.50 (.31 cents per load)
132 pods for $39 (.29 cents per load)

By the facts that I only use cold water, I don’t need to do extra rinses because the pods break down well, & that it has a good brightener, & a stain remover in it also means more bang for your buck so to speak.

For the value, quality & quantity I’m giving this particular fragrance pod a solid 7.5/10. (Which is pretty high, I’m fussy with laundry products).
I like the Vetiver fragrance myself – it’s a little more calming, & has a more herbal scent to it, but as we know everyone reacts & responds differently to different smells.

If you want to check out these laundry pods, & some of the other great products Grab Green has, click the link below to get 50% off your first order when you sign up to the Grab Green community.

I’m going to have a coffee & put my super powers to good use as I do some cleaning with another new product that I will eventually review.

Have a great day being a perfectly imperfect adult, check out the Grab Green site from the confines of your fort if you have to, & follow my blog for more reviews…

As always be kind to the world around you, & the people in it.


Grab Green’s Magical Pods…

Fact one: Doing the dishes is one of my least favorite tasks around the house!

Fact two: It is not economical, or eco-friendly to use paper plates & disposable cutlery every day to avoid the aforementioned task of doing the dishes. (Also my husband vetoed it when I first suggested it earlier in our marriage).

Fact three: The greatest way to avoid doing a mundane task is to take so long to do it, & do it so badly that it infuriates the other person so much they lose their patience & do the entire job themselves…. After many years of battling this in our marriage – my husband has won, & I just do the dishes!

Fact four: Not all dishes are created equal with nonstick abilities. Nor has anyone actually thought of making self-cleaning cookware!

Fact five: If a genie popped out while I was cleaning the first piece of cookware after cooking a huge dinner I would probably waste a wish on some magical pod that just did it all for me.
Okay, I probably wouldn’t, but it sounds good, right?

Well, it so happens that today’s review is that magical pod!

Grab Green’s Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods!
FullSizeRender (5)

These are so simple to use… The directions say to drop a pod in your dirty cookware/bakeware & fill it with hot water. Always the rebel, I do this the other way around & it still works beautifully.

I leave it to sit for 10 minutes or so while I load the dishwasher with my more obliging dinnerware, & then return to rinse, & wash effortlessly!

These little babies are formulated for stainless steel, enameled cookware, glass & aluminum so that covers a broad range. (However, it is not intended for copper or teflon).

The ingredients are listed on the back of the packaging with Grab Green’s claim of “True Transparency”. They want you to know what’s inside & why!
You can also go to their website for a deeper explanation on their products. Which I appreciate, & find extremely helpful!

It comes in one fragrance Tangerine with Lemongrass, which leaves a warm citrus/earthy smell as it makes quick work of your burnt on food, or the crusty cheese edges still stuck to your dish.

I even use them to clean our mugs of those coffee stains that momentarily make you question if it does that to your mug, what does it do to your body, (which you quickly overcome because of your love affair with coffee).
I just fill a bowl with hot water & throw in a couple of these pods. Once dissolved, I pour the citrusy solution into the mugs filling to the brims with extra hot water if needed, & let them sit for 20-30 minutes, & they clean leave them like new. Word to the wise, Wash your mugs really well after doing this, or your hot beverage will smell a lot like Tangerine with Lemongrass (I discovered this the hard way).

At $5 for a pack of 15, it may seem on the more expensive side, but I don’t use these for every dish wash. They’re the big guns I bust out for my expensive enameled cast iron dutch oven, braiser, slow cooker, & roasting dish so instead of spending 20 minutes or more scrubbing at it, I can soak it & get back to my family & friends on the holidays.
A pack can last me anything from a month or two depending on how I use them.

I give these a 9/10. They’re non-toxic, made from naturally derived ingredients.
They are not tested on animals, & are proudly made here in the USA!

If you want to check out these pods, & some of the other great products Grab Green has, check this link to get 50% off your first order.

I actually use a few other Grab Green products, which I will do reviews on in the very near future, but for now, check out their site, follow my blog & watch this space.
As always be kind to the world around you, & the people in it!



Reflecting on Aunt Fannie’s Glass and Window Vinegar Wash…

Not all Loves are at first sight.
Not all Loves meet through mutual friends or make eye contact across a crowded room.
In fact with the internet, meeting online has become the new normal.

Online is how I met my latest love.
I didn’t even know I was looking for her to be honest.
But one sunny day she arrived on my doorstep, wrapped in pink polka dot paper with a few other items.

I’ll admit it wasn’t love at first sight.
I’d met her type before, but it just so happened that at that very moment I also noticed a smeary water mark on the glass door leading to our patio.
She was there, so I grabbed a microfiber cloth & I cleaned that window in moments.
It was effortless, she had a vinegary clean smell & cut right through the smear leaving a sparkly clear window. I was so in awe that before I realized what was happening I actually found myself cleaning the other windows nearby just so they could all sparkle.
Was this fate?

Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window Vinegar Wash…. I Love Her!

She’s Safe, Natural & Hardworking.
She’s made with white distilled vinegar, sugar surfactant, rosemary oil, lavandin grosso oil, eucalyptus, globulus oil, orange oil, & peppermint oil.
She’s in a clear plastic bottle, & she’s a little cloudy in a beautifully mysterious way!
She’s great around children & pets, & doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals that we don’t want in our home, & her vinegary scent settles so you just smell the faint aroma of the essentials oils in her ingredients.

Retailing at $5.99 for a 16.9fl oz bottle is in my opinion great value for how clean & streak free she leaves everything. 9/10.

Aunt Fannie’s is a new product range in our home, & I will be back with reviews of more of their products as I feel I know them well enough to really review them in depth.

I’m off to have a coffee & admire my beautifully clean windows, & I will be back with more reviews soon. For now, be kind to the world around you, & the people in it.
If you enjoy my blog feel free to follow me!



The Minimalistic Hoarder gets Therapy™…

When I was a child I never stayed in a hotel room.
There was really no need, if my family traveled somewhere it was to visit extended family & we’d be staying with them, end of story.

I saw people staying in hotel rooms on TV shows & in movies, it looked so glamorous.
My vow of success as a 9-year-old was to stay in a hotel room, eat french toast while watching tv on a giant bed all to myself, while wearing a big fluffy white bathrobe, matching slippers, & then to top it off, not make the bed (gasp).
I should probably note that I always shared a room with a sibling, I had never tried French toast as a child but it sounded fancy, & thought of not making a bed just blew my mind – my Mom could never know)!

As an adult, I think my inner 9-year-old self would be suitably impressed by my hotel sleepovers, however, in my travels I have stayed in hotel rooms everywhere on the scale from potential meth lab next door, while joking with my husband that there’s a chalk outline of a body under our bed, to really swanky five-star European hotel rooms with waterfalls in the foyer & sommelier recommendations on their room service menu.

As much as tv assisted in creating the romantic image of a hotel room, it also as an adult has damaged it severely.
Have you ever seen those shows where they review hotel rooms cleanliness, scouring the walls for mold, finding questionable hairs in the shower drain, lifting mattresses & bedding to uncover bed bugs, & if all that wasn’t enough – UV blacklight for DNA?
Every fiber of my being as a clean freak starts to itch, & feel dirty just watching!
My husband suggested that I should probably pack my cleaning kit when we stay in a hotel next time. I know he was joking but that’s probably going to happen!
I even saw you can buy UV blacklights for your luggage on Amazon. That poses the thought that maybe you’re better off with the old adage of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, except for bed bugs, & syringes left on the floor behind the bed (we actually saw that on one of those shows), Those things will hurt you!

If you’d told me back then that I’d be using only natural cleaners I would have laughed at you. There is no way I would have believed some vinegar recipe with essential oils & borax could get things as clean as chemicals with names longer than 5 syllables, that you would need a pharmaceutical degree to pronounce. I just accepted the nose hair burning smells were the “This is working” sign that of your home is now clean. When watching those shows, (& don’t even get me started on those hoarding shows). I felt compelled to do a deep deep deeeeeep clean on my home as soon as daylight hit.
*I’d like to take a moment to thank my husband for being amused enough by this to just laugh, & not binge watch these shows for 2 weeks wearing my fingers out from scrubbing each following day!

When I started venturing into natural products besides just making my own, I found a brand that seemed appropriate for my clean freak needs. Little did I know that they would become some of my favorite cleaners to use.

Introducing “Therapy Cleaners”…
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, Graphite Cleaner & Polish, & the new Heavy Duty Glass Cooktop Cleaner!

“Therapy was founded in 2016 with the belief that cleaning is more than just a mundane chore. Cleaning can be relaxing, restorative and even, well, therapeutic.”
And they completely shine through on that one (Pun intended).

Firstly, the Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish Kit.
This stuff is amazing!
The kit consists of a 16 oz. bottle & a really nice 14’x14″ microfiber cloth.
(I’m a big microfiber cloth buff – again pun intended).
This retails at $14.99.
I have been using this for about 3 months around my house. We have all stainless steel appliances (including my husband’s beloved kegerator), & I have still barely made a dent in the bottle.

Filtered water, coconut oil, sorbitan monooleate (emulsifier), lavender vanilla essential oil blend, acrylates copolymer (emulsifier), methylisothizolinone (preservative).

I would give this a 9/10. I have found it to be super effective in everything it claims.
The bottle is stylish & looks great even left sitting out on the counter.
I know $14.99 seems costly for a kit, but it seems to protect your stainless steel appliances from smudges, smears & fingerprints. I use it on a range of appliances including the kitchen sink & in the 3 months it has barely used a quarter of the bottle, & I don’t use it sparingly.
It’s made here in the States, again the microfiber cloth is of great quality & works beautifully with the spray.
It leaves everything stainless steel in our home smear free, & even cuts through water marks.
We have an aggressive ice maker in our freezer that likes to throw ice at you, & slip an extra few cubes out while you’re catching the launched ice! I’m always finding puddles on the ground, & water marks dribbled down the stainless steel door. This cleaner makes quick work of that!
The scent is a mix of vanilla lavender with a hint of coconut to me. I like the creamy smell, it doesn’t have the sickly sweet fake vanilla scent like some big name brand cleaners use to unsuccessfully mask their chemicals.

Secondly, Therapy Graphite Cleaner & Polish Kit.
Same deal with a nice looking 16 oz. bottle, which comes with a great quality 14’x14′ microfiber cloth.
Retails at $14.99.
I use it on my kitchen counters, & my bathroom counters as well.
It is non-toxic & a neutral pH that can be used on graphite, marble, quartz & onyx surfaces.

Filtered water, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, dimethicone, sodium carbonate, lemon essential oil blend, methylisothizolinone.

I’d give this an 8/10 as well.
It makes short work of grease & oil, & leaves a nice shine to my graphite counters & black splash.
I have used a lot more of this, I use it daily & after 3 months I have about a third of the bottle left. $14.99 may seem expensive, but for the quality, the size of the bottle & the results I think it’s a fair price.
It has a lemony floral scent that isn’t heavy & doesn’t stick around for too long.

And the newest member of the Therapy Family… Therapy Heavy Duty Glass Cooktop Cleaner Kit.
IMG_0484Another great looking 16 oz bottle which I would happily leave on the counter ready to use. This one comes with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad.
Retails at $14.99.

Filtered water, calcium carbonate, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, dimethicone, essential oil blend, acrylates copolymer, methylisothizolinone.

This is a new item to the family, & I haven’t had this bottle long so I can’t say how long I think this bottle will last yet, that would be based on how often I used it, & the level of messiness on my glass top at any given point.
If you’ve read Quick Fix Angela’s Guide to Cleaning your glass top… you know that I usually use a very basic method to clean my cooktop, however, I really like the other Therapy products in the range enough that I’m willing to jump in boots & all I give this a try!
I’ve used this a few times now, & I’m honestly impressed.
Always let your glass top cool before you clean it, then I wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel to move as much dry cooking debris as you can, then you simply apply the cleaner directly to the sponge, then draw circles all over the glass top. When you feel like it’s got rid of all the marks & what-have-you, wipe it free with a cloth or paper towel. Then buff it with a microfiber cloth.

I would give this a hard 8/10 at this point, based on its performance for value & quality so far. Once I’ve used it for another month or so I will be back to change that score if need be.

Now I’m off to put on my bathrobe & make myself some french toast…
I will be back with more reviews soon, but for now be kind to the world around you, & the people in it, & feel free to follow me!


Use the code “SAVE10” to save 10% on their website.

Caldrea Stain Remover Review…

I’ve been doing this adult thing for awhile now.
I’ve loved, lost, gained an education, got married, lived overseas, had children, I drive a car, we have a mortgage, we pay taxes.
I even own real plants that are still alive… Now that’s as adult as it gets in my opinion!
But one thing that doesn’t change much from being a small child to an adult is that you will encounter stains! Granted the cause of the stains themselves changed mildly, (although many are still the same).

When I was little I don’t recall ever spilling wine on myself, smearing lipstick on my shirt, or dribbling coffee down my front. I could confirm this with my parents, but I know my love affair with caffeine, wine & makeup happened more into my adulting years! Grease, dirt, spaghetti sauce & any food that requires a steady hand are always a risky maneuver whatever age. However, as an adult, I often wonder if a bib may still be in order.

With switching to natural cleaning products you find yourself unable to reach for bleach, or the well-known stain removing products loaded with heavy chemicals like Chlorine & Formaldehyde, so I decided to embark on a wee stain fighting mission, & review them.

My first stain fighting product is one that sits quite proudly in a basket above my washing machine. Between myself, my husband & a teenager this has won a place in my laundry arsenal.

Introducing Caldrea Stain Remover in Sweet Pea.

I took a white cleaning cloth & smeared it with some day to day causes of stains.
My stain palette consists of makeup (foundation), eyeliner, lippy, ketchup, jelly, coffee & red wine.
FullSizeRender (3)

I let the stains soak in for a couple of hours, then I applied Caldrea Stain Remover & gently work it in a little with my finger, & let it sit overnight.

The next morning I gave it another rub in with my finger, & I threw it in the wash.
Yes, I know my reckless laundry washing is a little on the daring side. What if the stain causing materials transferred to my other items? Don’t worry – I am an untrained professional! Plus I didn’t really think about it, it was early on a Sunday morning, & I hadn’t had a coffee!

The results:
You can see what would probably be the telltale signs of a night out with the girls’ – the faint reminder of an eyeliner smiley face, & some red wine shadowing.
I strongly believe one more treatment, & sometime in the sun & I think they’d be gone too.

This is only available in sweet pea, it’s a floral scent that Caldrea created using gentle, yet powerful, plant-derived surfactants, & essential oils of Geranium, Orange, Jasmine, Coriander, Rose, & Bergamot. It was formulated especially for the nursery.

Quick cool fact about the brand Caldrea (It’s the big sister of the Mrs. Meyers brand), but more on that another time.

This comes in a cute 16 fl oz plastic bottle that retails for around $10USD.
I give this a definite 8/10. It’s a great value, I’m still on the same bottle I opened 2 months ago (I would say I’ve used it about 12 times, & I have 3/4 of the bottle still.
It smells nice, & it does what it’s supposed to!

The ingredients are explained on the Caldrea website (linked below).
It does warn that it can be an irritant on the bottle. We’re a somewhat sensitive bunch in our family when it comes to scents, & skin, & so far we’ve had no reactions, but it always pays to know what you’re putting near your skin, or where it can be inhaled. I myself use natural washing sodas after treating stains, so there is no sweet pea scent lingering after it’s dried.

My family & I will continue to slop food & coffee on ourselves in the dedicated pursuit of finding what natural stain removing, & laundry products are on the market, what works, & what doesn’t.

I will be back with more reviews, but for now have a happy & safe 4th of July, be kind to the world around you, & the people in it, & feel free to follow me!